耶利米书系列 Jeremiah Series - God's Thought About Us 神对你所怀的意念

29th & 30th May 2021

22nd & 23rd May 2021

08th & 09th May 2021

无名英雄系列 The Obscure Heores - Epaphras 以巴弗

无名英雄系列 The Obscure Heores - Hur 户珥

无名英雄系列 The Obscure Heores - Barnabas 巴拿巴

复活节 Resurrection Celebration - Peace be with you 愿你们平安

27th & 28th March 2021

13th & 14th March 2021

门徒的标记 The Marks of Disciples - Fruit-Bearing 多结果子

门徒的标记 The Marks of Disciples - Hearer-Doer 听道行道

勇士基甸系列 GIDEON The Warrior - Me? God? 神,我吗?

圣诞2020 Christmas2020 - 爱·永远长存 LOVE Never Ceases - 爱依然存在 Love is still there

爱·永远长存 LOVE Never Ceases - The Coming Love 爱的到来

盼望·永远长存 HOPE Never Ceases - A Better Tomorrow 明天会更好

ECA Adelaide 6 days Morning Prayer 阿德莱德华宣六日晨祷会

信·永远长存 FAITH Never Ceases - All Things are Possible 凡事都可能

信·永远长存 FAITH Never Ceases - I've seen You 我看见祢

信·永远长存 FAITH Never Ceases - I can move Mountains 我可以移山