Evangel Christian Assembly.


ECA is an Apostolic-Prophetic Church

Evangel Christian Assembly (ECA) is an apostolic-prophetic church. We value the five-fold ministry given by God and aim to establish even more disciples through the Great Commission (Matthew 28:18-20).

This is our vision.

Evangel Christian Assembly.

One Church, Many Campuses (OCMC)

ECA has campuses in several countries around the world. We connect and lead our campuses through the establishment of the ECA International Apostolic Network. Additionally, ECA uses the House Church Model to reach out to various peoples. No matter which campus you belong to, we are all given the same mission and goals because we are One Church, Many Campuses (OCMC)!

Evangel Christian Assembly.

Excellent Disciples - Anytime Anywhere Anyhow (2023)

ECA seeks to be an excellent church. The theme for ECA this year is to build excellent disciples through the 3Fs, 4Es, and 3As. We strongly believe that excellent disciples who have been equipped will establish more disciples for the Lord, resulting in the discipling of the church and making the Gospel relevant to life.

Evangel Christian Assembly.
Evangel Christian Assembly.


Are you Complacent?

Speaker: Karl Kee

Do not be complacent. Partner with God to do new things.

ECA I Campuses

Evangel Christian Assembly.

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